The Hottest Engagement Ring Styles for 2017

Iconic and Minimalist
This look is for the modern woman with impeccable taste. She doesn’t want anything too fussy. Form and function are what matter to her. She wants a clean and classic look.

The Modern Romantic
She cherishes her ring and all that it represents. Her sense of style is subtle but strong lines and interesting floral shapes excite her. She wants something as unique and special as she is.

Elevated Vintage
This bride values classic lines and a traditional silhouette, but with updated flair. Lavish and luxurious, she is bold.


Updated Solitaire
This bride is quirky, fun, and slightly mysterious, which makes a solitaire ring with a delightfully elaborate surprise on the side or an updated sprinkle of pavé along the band the perfect choice for her.

Twists and Intertwined Bands
The bride who likes this silhouette is sophisticated, but fun. This style is increasingly popular due to its soft and romantic look; an elegant twist on the norm.

Vibrant Hues
This bride is colorful, vivacious, and full of life and wants her everyday jewelry to reflect that. She is a free spirit who is on-trend, but not trendy.