NBS Jewelry

A Little Bit About NBS Jewelry


Hi I'm Nazar Baliuk Founder of NBS Jewelry

My passion is to design and manufacture stunning Diamond Jewelry. Each piece is created with the spirit of perfection, and with the knowledge and experience necessary to have in the end a piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime.
I founded NBS Jewelry and began with a few clients, offering them superior service. Now in the busiest jewelry marketplace in the world, the New York City Diamond District, my Company manufactures and supplies to the wholesale marketplace and now through our new website directly to you. 
I can also help you make the perfect piece, exactly to your wishes and specifications. We start with what your wishes are, and begin the process of designing and manufacturing the piece.

After the design process you will be able to see the design before it is cast. After your approval it will be cast and the diamonds will be meticulously set.

With prices lower than you could possibly imagine. Since we are the manufacturer, there are no steep middleman mark-ups, and through the magic of the internet you can see us live in our facility any time from our website, and not buying from some faceless online drop shipping scheme.
Everything that we sell, we manufacture right here in our own workshops.Each piece of jewelry that we make is crafted with the utmost attention to detail and care to ensure that it brings hope and happiness to the lucky person that will wear it.

I guarantee that no stone will ever fall out with a lifetime guarantee on every piece that my Company manufactures.
Using our well established connections in the wholesale diamond market we offer exceptional quality and incredible prices that can be found really nowhere else.

It is because of our service, value and attention to detail, that all of our clients have come to expect from us, that they confidently recommend us to their families and friends as well as returning to us for all their jewelry needs.


Always expanding my company now offers luxury watches by such notable brands as Rolex, Audemars-Piguet, Hublot and Patek Philippe. We are able to offer you completely unworn watches at significant discounts over the manufacturer’s retail price. All with the original packaging and of course the certificates.


We accept trades and we offer pre owned watches as well. My goal is to provide my customers with expertly custom made diamond jewelry, luxury diamond watches, and unique masterpieces that will bring happiness, and last a lifetime.

NBS Jewelry, is committed to providing its customers with the finest quality jewelry. We provide comprehensive jewelry services and expert stone setting services to retail jewelry stores and trade shops nationwide as well as individual clients.  

The Secret is out.